“I want to use sculpture to throw us back into the world, to provide this place where the magic, the subtlety, the extraordinary nature of our first-hand experience is celebrated, enhanced, made more present.”

—Antony Gormley RA

The Workhorse Bronze Foundry is a collaborative fine art bronze foundry. Located in Marshalltown, Johannesburg, Workhorse offers a unique space for artists to work with a team of specialised artisans, led by artist and sculptor Louis Olivier, to create limited edition bronze sculptures. The workshop environment fostered in the four-story building enables the artist’s vision to be realised from conception to a beautifully finished object.

Born out of a close working relationship with artist William Kentridge, Workhorse was founded in 2010, and continues to produce the artist’s bronze sculptures, which form an important part of his oeuvre. Workhorse also collaborates with a small group of high profile local and international artists, to ensure that their focus remains on producing editions of the highest calibre.

The Workhorse team have honed their skills in the lost wax method of bronze casting and carry out every step of the process, from model making and enlargement to mould making and casting, with sensitivity and care. Their craftsmanship and artistry ensures fidelity to the artist’s original concept, while their creativity and critical eye allows for a process of exchange and collaboration, generating new and innovative outcomes.


We are an artist led foundry who work alongside experienced artists and craftspeople to individually execute bronze sculpture of the highest quality. We have a carefully selected team of artisans and makers whose experience and ability complements our own.